Divorce mediation

Divorce is Difficult!

It is an emotionally and financially draining experience for all parties concerned.

A litigated divorce takes on average 3 years and costs on average R300 000.00.
Litigation is contentious, lengthy and exhausting. It generally takes another 2 years after the
finalisation of the divorce for the new family to settle down and to establish effective communication between the parties.

Mediation is a positive approach to divorce, the focus in mediation is on problem solving, on developing
a positive parenting plan and establishing effective communication between the parties.
On average a mediated divorce takes 3 months and costs R25 000 to R30 000.

Perhaps most importantly mediation focuses on the best interests of the child – as defined by the
Children’s Act 38 of 2005.

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Divorce Mediation is a positive approach divorce in South Africa - Children are prioritised with conflict resolution strategies during the divorce procedure
and the needs of the children of divorce are placed first.